IM-History Beta 1.0

Save IM chat history online and access it from anywhere


  • Supports many popular IM clients
  • Allows you to access chats via web
  • Logs support photo and video previews


  • Can be hard to configure
  • Connectivity issues

Very good

When I was a teenager I used to save chat logs in all my IM clients (namely ICQ and MSN Messenger). Although I don't do it anymore, I would have loved to know a tool like IM-History back then.

This app saves the chat history of several popular IM clients and synchronizes it with an online storage service. This means that your chat logs are permanently synchronized and up-to-date, no matter where you connect from: home, office or even mobile devices. And of course, you can access them any time with a simple web browser.

Online chat storage is conveniently protected by a personal username and password. As for the desktop client, I must admit I had some problems to properly configure it, but I emailed the Support team and got the solution in about an hour. So if you're having trouble in getting IM-History to find your installed messengers as I did, simply make sure you log on each one of them at least once. I also had some connectivity issues while testing the program, but this is probably due to the fact that it's still in beta stage.

IM-History features a colorful, intuitive interface where you can review all your chats, perform searches by contact or by keyword and also mark any given sentence as Favorite. Chat logs also save emoticons, web links and even photo and video preview.

Despite some configuration and connectivity problems, IM-History is an excellent tool to save, manage and organize chat logs from many different IM clients.

IM-history is a service for saving instant messaging history and contacts online. Whether you are at home, at work or traveling, just click to access all your conversations and contact info, whenever you need them, for free!

IM-History is designed for people, who use various IMs, at times, even simultaneously, and exchange valuable information for both business and private purposes – be it business conversations with colleagues, partners and customers or personal chats with friends. Most active IM users communicate via multiple IMs, even with the same contact, from more than one location and sometimes find it challenging to retrieve a desired piece of information. With the release of this IM-History service, this problem has now been solved, as it enables users to consolidate their contacts’ information and chats from multiple IMs in one place and keep the log history consistent.

Supporting all popular IMs, such as Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, MSN, Miranda IM, QIP, Trillian and Pidgin, IM-History gets the contact details and history logs of all user accounts together, integrates, indexes and stores them all in a user’s private web account. An inbuilt integrated search engine enables users to find and access any chat history easily and navigate conveniently 24/7 from anywhere.



IM-History Beta 1.0

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